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About us

Image of Saeed Shamaee


Saeed Shamaee is our licensed financial adviser, he has finished his postgraduate studies in Economics, finance and accounting in overseas and Australian universities. He gained his financial advice experience through working successfully in Australian major financial companies.

Saeed is passionate about helping his clients to make their financial matters simple and clear by providing strategic and specific advice relevant to each individual goals and needs.
He is specialised in providing advice in wide range of areas, please refer to this Financial Services Guide for more information.

Michael Coyne Image Mortgage Broker


Michael Coyne is an experienced mortgage broker and manager.  Michael has honed his experience working in large companies, small business and his own successful business.

He has a vast knowledge of financial products and strategies to suit people from many different stages of life become financially secure.

Michael strongly believes that to improve a clients life and long term security we need to go back to basics.  By mastering your budget and day to day cashflow everything else will fall into place.

Brian Cary Image


Brian Carey is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in business, accounting and taxation.  Over the past 20 years Brian has run a number of businesses and worked for top accounting firms.

As a Chartered Accountant Brian established Accountantnet which became a leading accounting firm providing tax and business solutions to a wide breadth of people.