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Whether you are planning to buy a property or start an investment or want to know how your retirement will look like, we can provide you with strategic advice so you will have a clear understanding of your situation and were you are heading through our simple and clear modelings.

Some of the Scenarios we can help you with:


  • Paying off your mortgage faster or invest your money in a shares or managed portfolio
  • When would be the best time for you to get retired and stop working, does your assets last long enough,
  • How much your age pension are affected by your assets and income, the strategies to minimise the effect
  • Should you invest your funds in your super or non-super, which way is more tax effective for you
  • How buying an investment property will affect your financial situation and tax obligations


We run several scenarios on your situation so you will have all your options in front of you, your current situation and where are you heading with or without advice would be clear for you to make a well informed decision.

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